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1164 Social Security Disability Representative Firm
$650,000 | Upper Midwest, ---Midwest
Established Auto Repair Center
$395,000 | Not Disclosed, California
1224 Leading Furniture & Interior Design Business
$300,000 | Northeastern Wisconsin, Wisconsin


Congo Suspends Value-Added Tax on Mining Imports
The Democratic Republic of Congo suspended value-added tax on imports by mining companies after briefly reinstating the duty, the countrys main business chamber said.
Box is Getting Smarter Thanks To Google Cloud Vision
Organizing and searching through images stored on Box is about to get a lot easier thanks to machine learning. Today the cloud storage company announced that it’s bringing image recognition capabilities powered by Google Cloud Vision to the platform. The feature, which launches in public beta today, will enable enterprise users to perform smart searches for objects, colors, and even people, making for a much more efficient workflow. Box currently works with 74,000 companies ranging in size from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. Customers like Gap, Airbnb, and Spotify that are all storing and working with a lot of data on a daily basis. “What we’re seeing is that there is an increasing amount of unstructured content in the form of images and videos and audio files,” says Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of Box. That unstructured content, especially in a large volume, can be difficult to deal with. Slideshow: Outside The Box “It’s very easy to search within documents and organize them, but that’s not true for a lot of this other unstructured content. So companies are spending millions of dollars in some cases just trying to organize and collect all of this unstructured information,” Levie says. By bringing advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to Box, the hope is to equip customers with tools to help them better understand, organize, and make sense of all that data directly within Box, without spending a ton of cash on additional software programs. “What this does is it lets any kind of customer that turns on the functionality be able to take any image content or photos that they have and be able to automatically detect any objects or text within those images,” says Levie. “So, if you’re a retailer and you want to quickly organize all of your product information, this can instantly extract any kind of products that are inside of a photo. If you’re a media company and you want to instantly organize all of your digital assets, it can detect a significant portion of objects within the digital assets, if it’s a frame of a movie or whatnot.” For instance, Gap might search for “blue shirts” for a promotion, or for a celebrity spokesperson to pull out images of him or her from an event.
Blackstone's New Pipeline Asset Is Wreaking Environmental Havoc
In the energy business, its one of the biggest projects going today: construction of a 710-mile pipeline to transport natural gas from Americas most prolific shale deposit in the eastern U.S. to consumers in the Midwest and Canada. Even Blackstone Group L
The Real Reason ISPs Hate Net Neutrality Regulation
After years of speeches and protests, you probably have the gist of the arguments for net neutrality: Don’t mess with what I can read/watch/download/upload, either by blocking or slowing it down. But the current net neutrality fight is really a wide-ranging power struggle between internet service providers and internet activists, between Republicans and Democrats. The battle is only partly about the ends—a free internet—and much more about the means: potential heavy regulation of ISPs as monopolies. Trump-appointed FCC chairman Ajit Pai wants to scrap his Democratic predecessor Tom Wheeler’s Open Internet Report and Order . The Order imposed strict net neutrality rules on landline and (for the first time) wireless internet service providers. In order to do that, Wheeler’s FCC had to invoke legal authority that allows it to regulate ISPs as monopolies. The response from companies like Comcast and Verizon has been less about the merits and mechanics of net neutrality and more a strident assertion that they are not monopolies. Why? Classifying ISPs as “common carriers,” under Title II of the 1934 Communications Act , means they could be regulated like monopolies. That could go as far as setting rates for broadband, like public utilities commissions do for electricity, according to ISPs and other critics. Tom Wheeler’s FCC promised not to go this far, by forbearing, or refraining, from utilizing most of Title II. “In finding that broadband Internet access service is subject to Title II, we simultaneously exercise the Commission’s forbearance authority to forbear from 30 statutory provisions and render over 700 codified rules inapplicable,” the Order reads. ISPs aren’t buying it. “Even if the FCC decides to forbear from regulating [ISPs] from certain or many provisions of Title II in the near term, the fact that at any time it could implement additional rules under Title II jurisdiction creates uncertainty in the industry,” reads Comcast’s comments to the FCC

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