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White Pine Ski & Summer Resort
$3,000,000 | Pinedale, Wyoming
High Profit Service Business
$695,000 | St Cloud, Minnesota
Shoes & Accessories
$119,000 | San Francisco, California
Mobile Carpet Cleaning Service - Home Based
$89,900 | Sacramento County, California


AI Can Make Us All Dress Better. So Why Isn't The Fashion Industry Using It More?
From sneaker bots to machine-human stylists, brands are exploring artificial intelligence. So far, results have been mixed. Fashion has always taken to the latest in trendy tech developments, from sparkly wearables and interactive dressing rooms to robots walking the Chanel runway. Increasingly, the industry is embracing AI and exploring how it can impact e-commerce productivity, retailer experiences, promotional campaigns, and even the clothes themselves. As online shopping continues to grow, it's imperative for companies to utilize tools that can help them attract (and keep) customers. AI can do that in a multitude of ways. It can serve as a communication method to update an audience on collection releases and product availability
SoFi Raises $500 Million Led by Silver Lake for Global Expansion
Social Finance Inc. said it raised $500 million in a financing round led by private equity firm Silver Lake Partners. It plans to use the funds for international expansion of its online lending business and development of new financial products.
How Robots and AI Could Save American Water Utilities Half A Trillion Dollars
HiBot USA's technology combining robots, big data, and AI could upend the way municipalities replace aging water pipes. The future of your drinking water may depend on databotics. That term, which should be retired by now, is nevertheless at the heart of new technology from HiBot USA , a combination of robotics, big data, and artificial intelligence that aims to help countless municipal water utilities around the United States do a more efficient job of upgrading their aging pipelines. Here's what we're talking about: Water in the United States is generally handled locally, by the 50,000 municipal utilities charged with bringing water in and moving it around through millions of miles of piping. There are 240,000 water main breaks a year across the country, and while those thousands of utilities work hard to replace pipes that can be up to 160 years old, it's a task that's done haphazardly, often getting rid of perfectly functional pipes while waiting too long on those that are primed to rupture. Because sewage and gas lines are highly regulated, and therefore operate under very specific rules for inspection and replacement, there's already a robust market for robotics companies working in those fields. But water lines are much more loosely regulated, according to HiBot USA president and CEO Takashi Kato, and the market is wide open for early entrants. And that's where HiBot USA comes into the picture.
Navy Sends Out An H.O.S. Challenge—Hack Our Ship—To Woo Millennial Tech Talent
If you're looking to serve your country with science—but not don the uniform—Uncle Sam has a job for you. Hey millennials: Uncle Sam wants you ...No uniform required. Looking to tap cyber talent in the private sector, the U.S. Navy has been holding a series of hackathons. The challenge: Find a way to crack the security systems of military drones and warships. Earlier this month, the Naval Postgraduate School's Center for Cyber Warfare let hackers test their skills against a "boat in a box"—a testbed system built by contractor Booz Allen Hamilton to mirror fleet systems. The event was a follow-up to one last June, dubbed HackTheSky , where security experts tried their skills against aerial drone control software and interface designers came up with prototypes to make it easier for drone pilots to operate the devices. Boat in a Box The goal is to tap into a talent base of mostly young civilian cyber experts who are interested in ways to help keep the country safe without necessarily enlisting in the Navy or joining a traditional defense contractor, says Commander Zachary Staples, director of the Center for Cyber Warfare. "They don't want to cut their hair and go to bootcamp—that was not what they were asking me," he says. "They were asking, how could we work with you on a project sort of basis." The Navy hackathons are purposely held in tech hubs, not at Navy bases: The first was held at Galvanize's San Francisco startup center , and the most recent one at Austin's Capital Factory coworking space. The "boat in a box" will also be the focus of a presentation next month by Booz Allen Hamilton at South by Southwest , the Austin festival that's typically more known for appearances by Silicon Valley startups than old-school defense contractors. The hackathons aren't the first attempt by the defense establishment to crowdsource innovation: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has long held competitions to spur development in technology, from predicting the spread of infectious disease to building autonomous cars .

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