Moving and Storing locally or to a different state? Relocating a business? We have partnered with PODS® flexible, portable storage and moving solutions. Compared to conventional warehouse storage units or traditional moving companies, PODS® is an easy and affordable way to clear out or store and move items from your Home or Business!

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PODS® Takes the Stress Out of Moving and Storage for Businesses Moving is often an exciting and simultaneously stressful endeavor. Having the right local or long distance moving and storage team will make the process more organized and save you money. PODS® is one of the greatest innovations in safe moving and storage and it offers reliable, fast, and first class service throughout your move. Traditional strategies include renting a truck and doing everything yourself. Having to drive a truck through traffic across the many miles to your destination is often more than most people care to deal with. If you hire movers, you don't really know who will be in charge of packing and carting your precious belongings. Remove the doubt and the concerns. PODS® streamlines the process of moving through:

• Timely delivery,

• Timely pickup,

• Nationwide service,

• Easy loading,

• Best in class,

• Incredible savings.

How PODS® Works

When you rely on PODS® for the safe storage and moving of your personal items and for business relocation, the process could not be simpler. We deliver the right size container to your address, you pack up at your convenience, on your schedule, load your possessions into the container as you pack, they pick up the PODS® container when you are ready and deliver it to your new address on time. Because these containers are at ground level, loading and unloading is easy; no dragging furniture, heavy boxes, or other items up clumsy ramps. Simply step through the conveniently wide opening and take your time organizing your possessions in the container.

Discover Why Millions of People Turn to PODS®

PODS® has been recommended time and time again by completely satisfied customers. When you move using this innovative, convenient, and cost efficient system, you get a peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else. With a professional and helpful support team, you will turn a stressful move into a good experience and while you likely won’t want to make a habit of moving, the thought of doing so with PODS® will wash a wave of relief over you well into the future. For those who have moved, they know firsthand the pitfalls and troubles that can arise. With PODS®, you move at your pace, on your schedule, backed by a team dedicated to making the process as comfortable as possible.
By David Gillis

PODS® for Students Needing Moving and Storage when Graduating from Colleges and Universities in December 2014 If you’re a college student searching for an inexpensive way to move your belongings to or from your College or University, look no further than moving storage PODS. PODS® provides students with convenient, flexible and inexpensive moving options. There are numerous benefits to choosing PODS® over traditional moving services; the main advantage is the cost savings vs. traditional moving companies!

When you are ready to rent a portable storage unit, simply call use this PODS Promotional Code when you call the customer service representative. You will receive a 5 percent discount off your moving and storage services. This is an exclusive discount offered by PODS® for students only. You will pay one price upfront, so you won’t be overcharged upon delivery or upon re-delivery to another location. Whether you require temporary local storage or you want to transfer your personal effects to another state, PODS® will exceed your expectations. With your exclusive moving discount, you can rent a storage unit whenever you want and keep it for as long as necessary. You will be able to pack at your own pace without having to pay expensive movers or for extended usage. When you are ready to move the unit, you can do so on your own schedule. Unlike other discount moving and storage facilities, PODS® doesn’t employ movers, and there aren’t expensive trucks to maintain. You load your own storage container, which also cuts costs. POD®S also provides peace of mind because you are in charge of handling your treasured possessions. Once your belongings are loaded, you can relax and let the professionals do the driving. PODS® storage containers are available in a variety of sizes to fit the needs of virtually any student. You can rent one or more for your long-term or temporary storage needs. Units may be transferred locally or moved from state to state.

If you simply need to store your belongings at your home or any other location, you can do so without worry. PODS® storage containers are secure and well-maintained:

PODS® moving and storage service is ideal for any college student. Whether you're going home at the end of the school year or returning to your university in late December or December, PODS® can offer efficient storage and moving options. When you're ready to use the service, simply provide the PODS® promotional code to receive your student discount. Avoid the hassles associated with traditional moving companies, and enjoy the convenience of PODS®. If you’re a college student searching for an inexpensive way to move your belongings to or from your university, look no further than PODS® moving and storage service. PODS® provides students with convenient, flexible and inexpensive moving options. There are numerous benefits to choosing PODS® over traditional moving services; the main advantage is the exclusive student storage discount the company offers which saves you a bundle over traditional moving companies!
By David Gillis

Why PODS® is so Effective for Businesses when Relocating, Moving, Selling or Downsizing In the storage industry, forward-thinking firms quickly gain national reputations. Since 1998, the PODS franchise has broken new ground in innovative storage services. Already available in most American cities, PODS is growing at a remarkable rate. In many ways, the growth of PODS is changing the shape of modern business storage. By combining storage and moving into one convenient solution, PODS minimizes the complexity of transitional periods for downsizing, relocating or changing businesses. Portable storage solutions aid companies as they move, downsize or sell their operations. Whether moving to new neighborhoods or distant states, PODS customers experience unique benefits:

Traditional logistics companies often limit customers with rigid terms and schedules. By offering far more flexibility, PODS is creating new answers for complex modern problems. In the rapidly changing modern economy, many companies move to new areas to improve their chances of success. Even under the best possible conditions, business relocation can create major challenges. To navigate times of change, businesses look for ways to minimize downtime and moving costs. PODS simplifies this process by renting out weather-resistant storage containers on flexible terms. Though PODS containers are light and portable, they are durable and safe as well. Customers can load the containers themselves or have PODS refer reputable professional packers to simplify the process. Once the containers are loaded, PODS promptly picks them up for quick delivery to a local PODS storage facility or to another location. If necessary, PODS stores the items at regionally secure sites until they are needed. This enables companies to make quick moves while finalizing various details. With so many storage options at their fingertips, PODS customers can develop fluid solutions to meet their unique business problems. Downsizing is another difficult phase in any company's history. Since the downsizing process can involve stressful human drama, this is the worst possible time for managers to deal with logistical hurdles. With PODS, downsizing companies can securely store their assets while waiting for the final resolution of institutional uncertainties. For example, managers can use PODS storage to store equipment during work stoppages or contractual negotiations. To avoid mass layoffs, many companies close up shop and implement temporary furloughs. By using PODS containers, these companies can immediately resume business when conditions are more ideal. A large organization like PODS possesses many resources for ensuring customer satisfaction. Each and every day, PODS performs 2,500 deliveries and pickups. Though the franchise is quite large, PODS maintains firm quality control through adequate employee training. Online and print reviews attest to the organization's commitment to fast, responsive customer service.

For Example: The construction industry offers a case study in the importance of efficient logistical movement for business. In the modern economy, construction companies must maintain maximal mobility to stay competitive. Though the construction industry is steadily recovering from a historic low, demand remains weak enough that sensible builders bid for jobs in as many markets as they possibly can. PODS enables builders to move to disparate regions and set up shop with maximal speed and efficiency. Imaginative businesspeople constantly find new uses for PODS containers to streamline distribution.

Another Example: PODS is ideal for touring businesses that move from place to place on a regular basis. With the security and flexibility of PODS storage and delivery, entrepreneurs can explore fruitful new territories with confidence. PODS has aided growth and development for professionals in virtually all industries. From construction companies to retailers and wholesalers, firms of all sizes use PODS for their relocation and storage needs. PODS offers so many services and guarantees that one might easily expect this franchise to charge steep fees. In reality, PODS rental rates are generally quite reasonable. Many industry observers agree that PODS should long remain a dynamic force in business moving and storage. As PODS expands, the PODS logo is a welcome new sight in communities that previously lacked flexible, affordable storage choices. Though PODS continually gains market share, it is unlikely that the organization will ever lose sight of important institutional goals. Time and time again, PODS Business Relocation Services streamline any business move and proves their commitment to meeting business customers' needs. As PODS helps companies develop resourceful solutions, the storage industry leader helps spur growth in the national economy. In light of the many services offered by PODS, traditional logistics companies can seem limited or one-dimensional. Whether moving locally or long-distance, companies can now maximize their options by working with PODS.
By David Gillis

Why PODS® is so Effective when Moving; Buying or Selling a Home Transporting your belongings using portable on-demand storage, or PODS, is more convenient than any other method. People who use PODS to assist in the moving process spend less money and don’t have to worry about driving to their destination. Best of all, PODS combines transporting possessions to your exact location, re-transporting them anywhere in the country, and storing them into one easy process. Because of PODS’s superiority over traditional move practices, real estate agents and brokers are providing their clients with pods discount codes to incentivize referrals. Real estate sellers and real estate buyers are reaping the sizable benefits of a PODS moving and storage solution.

PODS is Convenient and Cost-Effective:

When you hire a traditional moving company, you have to pack all of your possessions and wait for the movers to arrive. If they are late or fail to show up, the entire process is delayed. Waiting for tardy movers can be very frustrating as you don’t have access to any of your packed belongings during this time. On the other hand, when you select PODS to assist with your move, open containers are dispatched to you at a location of your choosing. PODS allows you to pack at a pace that works for you without being constrained by the schedule and punctuality (or lack thereof) of hired movers. You may also select the exact time you prefer the containers to be delivered to you. Pack at your leisure and specify when you wish the containers to be picked up. PODS are more convenient than mini-storage because you specify where they are delivered and, once you're finished packing, re-transported within the country. Should you need temporary storage, the containers can be dropped off to a secure, safe local PODS storage center of your choice almost anywhere in the United States.

PODS are Economically and Environmentally Friendly:

Many conventioonal moving companies demand significant hourly fees for their services. To add insult to injury, some unscrupulous movers may attempt to charge you more than the quoted price before unloading at your destination. PODS allows you to bypass this potential expense entirely. To save you even more money, your first month of storage is included free of charge. The fact that containers are built from recycled materials is just another PODS perk. Using PODS saves you money and helps the environment at the same time.

PODS is Safe, Secure and Stress-Free:

There is always the possibility that movers may damage or break your personal possessions. During a move, hired workers may pack and unpack your possessions several times. This process increases the possibility that something may be mishandled or broken. Should you choose to personally pack your items and load them into a rental truck, you have to safely drive to your destination with all of your belongings in tow. With portable on-demand storage, you are the only one who touches your possessions. When you move using POD Storage, you don’t have to worry about driving a van or unloading on precarious ramps or non-level ground. Your items are safe if you are placing them in temporary storage as well. Once you have packed up your belongings, use your own lock and keep the sole key. Most PODS locations will be able to provide you access to your container within a day or two at most.

PODS Storage Containers are Perfectly Sized:

PODS containers are sturdy yet easy to use. They come in three different sizes to accommodate your packing and storage needs - 7’X7’X8’, 12’X8’X8’ and 16’X8’X8’. Constructed from specially designed aluminum skin panels reinforced by a steel frame, PODS containers feature translucent roofs that allow light to filter down into the container and illuminate your possessions. Roll-up doors are made of light-weight steel.

PODS Offers Specific and Unique Discount Codes:

PODS is so convenient and affordable that real estate agents are giving their buyer and seller clients referral incentives that have real value instead of just a bottle of wine or something similar. Real estate buyers and real estate sellers alike are enjoying significant savings from using Moving and Storage Containers instead of conventional moving companies. So, if you are planning a move and need temporary storage, using PODS is the logical, financially prudent route. You enjoy the convenience of being able to pack your own belongings at your own pace. You also avoid paying external company and rental van fees, driving a truck, and unloading on a difficult inclined surface. PODS also provides an opportunity for real estate agents and brokers to distribute promo codes to their clients - a highly lucrative move that encourages referrals and savings across the board.
By David Gillis

Key Benefits of Using Storage Containers and Pod Storage

Whether you're moving across the country or just need a little extra space to store your belongings for a while, storage pods are excellent options. Because they're delivered right to your location, they couldn't be more convenient. You'll also enjoy a lot of flexibility by using storage containers instead of standard storage units or moving trucks. Pods have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years as more and more people become aware of the benefits that go along with using them. Moving to a new place and storing your belongings doesn't have to be difficult, and pods are proof of that.

You're in the Driver's Seat

If you hire a moving company, you pay to have your belongings packed and placed onto the truck by movers. With pod storage, you still enjoy the use of a huge storage container, but you don't have to pay extra money to have others pack your items for you. The container will be dropped off at your location, and you will be able to pack it at your leisure. You won't be under any time constraints, so you can spread out the work over a few days if you'd like. Of course, you can still pay to have your items placed in the container as well. It's entirely up to you.

Have a Container Delivered Right to You

Few things are as stressful as having a very limited window of time in which to load a moving truck. Even if you rent your own truck, you are paying for a specific period of time, so you tend to feel stressed and overwhelmed. You also have to go get the truck and bring it back when you're done, and those extra steps make the experience all the more challenging. With pod storage, the container is delivered to you, and you then have all the time you need to pack it up and get it ready. When you are ready, it's picked up and taken wherever you need it to go.

Send it Wherever You Need it to Go

If you just need extra space to temporarily store a few things, you can keep your storage container right at your location for as long as you'd like or at one of many local PODS storage facilities. If you're moving, you can have it picked up and shipped wherever you need it to go within most of North America including parts of Canada and even the UK. That's true whether you're moving across town, across the state or across the country.

Breathe Easy with Secure Storage Containers

PODS Storage containers are exceptionally secure, and you'll be given the only key that unlocks yours. Like many people, you'll probably keep it at your location for at least a few days. You'll breathe easy knowing that you don't have to worry about anyone else gaining entry to your pod. You can safely leave it locked up on your driveway, out on the street or wherever else you need to keep it. You essentially enjoy the benefits of a first-rate storage locker without having to drive to it.

Get the Size You Need

Pod storage couldn't be more flexible or convenient. You can take your pick from several sizes, so you don't have to pay for space you don't need. The storage container company can help you determine the appropriate size. Most people are able to pack everything they need into one container, so this option is extremely affordable too.

Store it at a Local PODS Storage Center

What if you aren't going to need your stuff for a while or just want to store it indefinitely? If keeping it at your location isn't an option for some reason, don't worry. You can have it picked up and delivered to the nearest PODS Storage Center. When you're ready to retrieve your stuff, you can either go to the storage center or have the pod delivered back to you. When it comes to flexible storage and moving, you can't do better.

Get Your Container Quickly

Storage Pods are ready to go, so you can usually order one and have it delivered the very next day. This is convenient for times when you unexpectedly need to store a bunch of stuff or have to move a large number of things at the last minute. There's no need to wait around, and you don't have to make your plans well in advance.

With all of these benefits in mind, it's easy to see why storage containers have become so popular. The next time you move or need to store things, be sure to give pod storage a try instead of conventional movers or mini-storage. You'll quickly agree that it's the easiest, most flexible and most convenient way to go.
By David Gillis