How Portable Storage Containers Make Your Life So Much Easier

Moving house can be a time consuming and exasperating experience. Packing an entire home into numerous boxes, and then arranging for their loading, transportation, and unloading, is a laborious process. While all this can be done by a moving company, the cost is prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, everything has to be done within strict time limits. This creates a lot of stress and strain during house moving.
Doing it all on your own is still costly, since hiring a truck and fueling it will undoubtedly put a dent in your pocket. Portable storage containers on the other hand, have revolutionized the moving industry. Their ease of use, convenience, and great affordability is a boon for millions of home movers. These on-demand containers have turned house moving into a much simpler and stress-free affair than ever before. Here are reasons why:

Huge Cost Savings

This is perhaps the most important reason for using portable storage containers. House moving companies have teams of professionals who can pack, load, and unpack for you with ease. This is highly convenient especially for busy professionals.
However, such elaborate services do not come cheap. This can make house moving an inconvenient expense when changing homes. This is because a new home may require repainting, remodeling work, new fittings, or even new furniture. Furthermore, there may be added expenses of changing location, such as new schools for the kids. Every penny will therefore count during this time. This service oviates the need to hire movers and expensive moving trucks.
Portable storage containers are highly affordable because they are dropped off at your home, and picked up when you are done packing. This saves you the cost of hiring a truck, paying for gas, and other associated costs. Additionally, there are no extra charges for loading or unloading the container. The container will be dropped and picked from your premises without any extra fuel, insurance or loading charges.

You Can Take Your Time

Everyone knows the last minute rush and stress of house moving. Everything has to be packed quickly before the movers arrive, otherwise extra charges will be levied. Even hiring a truck comes with time constraints. This makes it impossible to pack everything at your own pace and convenience. Time has to be taken off work, or extra hands hired to speed up the process.
Storage containers in contrast, allow you to pack in as many as several weeks. This means you can do your packing slowly when time is available, rather than taking time off work. Furthermore, you can start with lighter items and then wait till the weekend, when relatives or friends are available to offer help with heavier items.
In case you are not done packing by the end of the allocated period, an extension can be sought from the container company without a problem. This type of flexibility is impossible when using a moving company.
Packing Made Easier

It is easy to fit entire homes into storage containers, as compared to other packing methods. Without them, most of your items will have to be put into numerous boxes, taped, and labeled. This is time consuming, and adds the cost of buying appropriate boxes for secure transportation.
Storage containers require the use of fewer boxes, since everything will be transported as a unit. All that needs to be done is to secure the contents in the container to prevent breakage during transportation. Storage containers come with straps to fasten furniture and other items securely.
Transporting your items in a container is also more secure, since you keep the key. Damage to delicate items is also minimized as compared to boxes.
Pay only for What You Need

Storage containers come in different sizes. This allows you to select the correct size to suit your needs. You will therefore only pay for exactly what you need. The time period that you require is also flexible, so you get to keep or return the container at your convenience.
A flat fee is usually charged per container, regardless of the quantity of items, and does not escalate. There are no hidden charges or costs such as insurance. This makes your expenses predictable and more manageable. This is effective because movers don't try to hit you with erroneous charges when it's time to unload.
Move in on Your On Schedule
this is huge because the storage container does not need to be returned once you arrive at your new premises. You can hold on to it as you finish remodeling work in your new home. This is in contrast to moving companies, who must unload everything as soon as you arrive. With a container, you can leave it on your driveway and take your time arranging your new home. The company can then pick it up once you are done.

By David Gillis

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