Moving Can Be More Stressful Than Divorce

Moving is more stressful than divorce, according to some statistics! Regardless if it is for your home or business; having to delicately pack and label and lift your belongings after a serious junking and sorting session can be an exhausting process.
That is just the first half of the process. Where you are going to store your items either temporarily or long-term can be another issue. Similarly, finding a reputable moving company also requires time and energy. When you are trusting your most cherished items to complete strangers, going for the cheapest quote is not always a great idea.

Enter the Brilliant Concept of On-Demand, Portable Storage Containers

With a simple phone call or email from the comfort of your home or office, you can arrange to have all of your moving and storage solutions delivered to your door ASAP! The brainchild of portable storage containers has truly revolutionized and streamlined the entire moving industry. These nifty containers are available in any size you need. A special truck will deliver them right to your property. You can arrange to have it parked and stored on-site, or you can have the same truck come and pick it up in 24, 72 hours or a week later if that is what you require. Brilliant!

Benefits of Using On-Demand, Portable Storage Containers vs. Traditional Moving Companies:

When you take all the variables into consideration, simplicity and peace of mind are truly available at an affordable fee when you opt to try a PODS Self Storage option. Once you use them for a move, it is likely you will never resort to the "old guys" once again! Happy trails!

By David Gillis

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