Why On-Demand Storage Trumps Using a Regular Moving Company

Moving or storing stuff for long or short periods of time is certainly a headache for many people and things can get even more troublesome (and more expensive) when you want to move home. Do you remember the headaches you'd get just by thinking about how long the moving process is going to take, not to mention the fact you'd need to also pay good money for the moving trucks and also tip the guys loading and unloading your stuff? It's a total nightmare and at the end of the day, you're not only tired like you just ran the marathon, but you're also several hundred dollars poorer. The solution? Well, it's On-Demand Storage. PODS® streamlines the process of moving through:

Easy Scheduling

One of the first benefits of using on demand portable storage containers is the fact it's very simple to have a container scheduled to be brought up to your house and then get to work and fill it with your stuff. The process is pretty simple and after you make the call, you can have it in your front yard in as little as a few hours and as much as 24h. Also, it doesn't matter if you're located at a business, commercial or residential address, since you'll get your container as agreed on.

You're the One to Fill and Pack at Your Own Pace

Remember how using a regular moving company was always such a rush and you would feel like you're being chased like a greyhound to sign papers and then go upstairs, go downstairs to make sure everything is picked up and that the movers are careful with your furniture? Well, when using an On-Demand Storage service, that won't be the case anymore. You are going to fill up the container at your own pace and when it's filled up, you can just give the company a call and they're going to come pick it up. Probably one thing you're going to like about these containers is the fact they have a door which opens at ground level. This means you won't have to worry about lugging your stuff up a ramp. It just makes things much easier, don't you think so?
Moving the Storage Container to Wherever You Want

Moving to a difference city or even to a different state is generally expensive for most people and if you've used movers in the past, then you probably know the drill. On the other hand, when using a storage container, moving your things from your city to a different one or even a different state is a stress free process. Using a moving company you'd be hard pressed to give them a specific date and time for when you'd like to have your things moved, otherwise you'd probably need to pay a lot of money for storage. The great thing about on-demand storage is that you are the one to decide when you want your valuable possessions to be picked up and nobody is going to pressure you about it. Because of that, the experience of moving is going to be a lot more pleasant and efficient.
Flexible Storage

If you'd also like to have your extra possessions stored somewhere safe where you could easily access them anytime, then it's only natural that you use an on demand storage service. You'll get your own unit that is stored in a climate controlled and secure storage facility as long as you want and you're the only one who has the key. This means that no one else but you is going to have access to your belongings. As for how long you can store your possessions, you can store them for as little or as long as you want. Prices are very affordable and the longer you want your stuff to be stored, the less you'll need to pay. Pretty amazing, right?

All in all, it seems that using an On-Demand Storage container is one of the best ways of moving houses or just storing those items you don't have space for around your house in a safe and climate controlled facility that no one else but you has access to. Given the fact these services are much more convenient and affordable than using a moving company, it's pretty clear why they're the best choice for anyone who wants to move homes or store valuable possessions.

By David Gillis

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