Why PODS® is so Effective for Businesses

Why PODS is so Effective for Businesses when Relocating, Moving, Selling or Downsizing

In the storage industry, forward-thinking firms quickly gain national reputations. Since 1998, the PODS franchise has broken new ground in innovative storage services. Already available in most American cities, PODS is growing at a remarkable rate. In many ways, the growth of PODS is changing the shape of modern business storage. By combining storage and moving into one convenient solution, PODS minimizes the complexity of transitional periods for downsizing, relocating or changing businesses. Portable storage solutions aid companies as they move, downsize or sell their operations. Whether moving to new neighborhoods or distant states, PODS customers experience unique benefits:

Traditional logistics companies often limit customers with rigid terms and schedules. By offering far more flexibility, PODS is creating new answers for complex modern problems. In the rapidly changing modern economy, many companies move to new areas to improve their chances of success. Even under the best possible conditions, business relocation can create major challenges. To navigate times of change, businesses look for ways to minimize downtime and moving costs. PODS simplifies this process by renting out weather-resistant storage containers on flexible terms. Though PODS containers are light and portable, they are durable and safe as well. Customers can load the containers themselves or have PODS refer reputable professional packers to simplify the process. Once the containers are loaded, PODS promptly picks them up for quick delivery to a local PODS storage facility or to another location. If necessary, PODS stores the items at regionally secure sites until they are needed. This enables companies to make quick moves while finalizing various details. With so many storage options at their fingertips, PODS customers can develop fluid solutions to meet their unique business problems. Downsizing is another difficult phase in any company's history. Since the downsizing process can involve stressful human drama, this is the worst possible time for managers to deal with logistical hurdles. With PODS, downsizing companies can securely store their assets while waiting for the final resolution of institutional uncertainties. For example, managers can use PODS storage to store equipment during work stoppages or contractual negotiations. To avoid mass layoffs, many companies close up shop and implement temporary furloughs. By using PODS containers, these companies can immediately resume business when conditions are more ideal. A large organization like PODS possesses many resources for ensuring customer satisfaction. Each and every day, PODS performs 2,500 deliveries and pickups. Though the franchise is quite large, PODS maintains firm quality control through adequate employee training. Online and print reviews attest to the organization's commitment to fast, responsive customer service.

For Example: The construction industry offers a case study in the importance of efficient logistical movement for business. In the modern economy, construction companies must maintain maximal mobility to stay competitive. Though the construction industry is steadily recovering from a historic low, demand remains weak enough that sensible builders bid for jobs in as many markets as they possibly can. PODS enables builders to move to disparate regions and set up shop with maximal speed and efficiency. Imaginative businesspeople constantly find new uses for PODS containers to streamline distribution.

Another Example: PODS is ideal for touring businesses that move from place to place on a regular basis. With the security and flexibility of PODS storage and delivery, entrepreneurs can explore fruitful new territories with confidence. PODS has aided growth and development for professionals in virtually all industries. From construction companies to retailers and wholesalers, firms of all sizes use PODS for their relocation and storage needs. PODS offers so many services and guarantees that one might easily expect this franchise to charge steep fees. In reality, PODS rental rates are generally quite reasonable. Many industry observers agree that PODS should long remain a dynamic force in business moving and storage. As PODS expands, the PODS logo is a welcome new sight in communities that previously lacked flexible, affordable storage choices. Though PODS continually gains market share, it is unlikely that the organization will ever lose sight of important institutional goals. Time and time again, PODS Business Relocation Services streamline any business move and proves their commitment to meeting business customers' needs. As PODS helps companies develop resourceful solutions, the storage industry leader helps spur growth in the national economy. In light of the many services offered by PODS, traditional logistics companies can seem limited or one-dimensional. Whether moving locally or long-distance, companies can now maximize their options by working with PODS.

By David Gillis

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