Why storage PODS are so Effective when Moving; Buying, or Selling a Home

Why PODS® is so Effective when Moving; Buying or Selling a Home

Transporting your belongings using PODS or other Portable On Demand Storage Options, is more convenient than any other method. People who use PODS to assist in the moving process spend less money and do not have to worry about driving to their destination. Best of all, PODS combines transporting possessions to your exact location, re-transporting them anywhere in the country, and storing them into one easy process. Because of PODS' superiority over traditional move practices, real estate agents and brokers are providing their clients with pods discount codes to incentivize referrals. Real estate sellers and real estate buyers are reaping the sizable benefits of a PODS moving and storage solution.

PODS is Convenient and Cost-Effective:

When you hire a traditional moving company, you have to pack all of your possessions and wait for the movers to arrive. If they are late or fail to show up, the entire process is delayed. Waiting for tardy movers can be very frustrating as you do not have access to any of your packed belongings during this time. On the other hand, when you select PODS to assist with your move, open containers are dispatched to you at a location of your choosing. PODS allows you to pack at a pace that works for you without being constrained by the schedule and punctuality (or lack thereof) of hired movers. You may also select the exact time you prefer the containers to be delivered to you. Pack at your leisure and specify when you wish the containers to be picked up. PODS are more convenient than mini-storage because you specify where they are delivered and, once you're finished packing, re-transported within the country. Should you need temporary storage, the containers can be dropped off to a secure, safe local PODS storage center of your choice almost anywhere in the United States.

PODS are Economically and Environmentally Friendly:

Many conventioonal moving companies demand significant hourly fees for their services. To add insult to injury, some unscrupulous movers may attempt to charge you more than the quoted price before unloading at your destination. PODS allows you to bypass this potential expense entirely. To save you even more money, your first month of storage is included free of charge. The fact that containers are built from recycled materials is just another PODS perk. Using PODS saves you money and helps the environment at the same time.

PODS is Safe, Secure and Stress-Free:
There is always the possibility that movers may damage or break your personal possessions. During a move, hired workers may pack and unpack your possessions several times. This process increases the possibility that something may be mishandled or broken. Should you choose to personally pack your items and load them into a rental truck, you have to safely drive to your destination with all of your belongings in tow. With portable on-demand storage, you are the only one who touches your possessions. Storage Units enable you to not have to worry about driving a van or unloading on precarious ramps or non-level ground. Your items are safe if you are placing them in temporary storage as well. Once you have packed up your belongings, use your own lock and keep the sole key. Most PODS locations will be able to provide you access to your container within a day or two at most.

PODS Storage Containers are Perfectly Sized:

These storage containers are sturdy yet easy to use. They come in three different sizes to accommodate your packing and storage needs - 7Feet X 7Feet X 8Feet, 12Feet X 8Feet X 8Feet and 16Feet X 8Feet X 8Feet. Constructed from specially designed aluminum skin panels reinforced by a steel frame, PODS containers feature translucent roofs that allow light to filter down into the container and illuminate your possessions. Roll-up doors are made of light-weight steel.

PODS Offers Specific and Unique Discount Codes:

PODS is convenient and affordable that real estate agents are giving their buyer and seller clients referral incentives that have real value instead of just a bottle of wine or something similar. Real estate buyers and real estate sellers alike are enjoying significant savings from using Moving and Storage Containers instead of conventional moving companies.

So, if you are planning a move and need temporary storage, using PODS is the logical, financially prudent route. You enjoy the convenience of being able to pack your own belongings at your own pace. You also avoid paying external company and rental van fees, driving a truck, and unloading on a difficult inclined surface. PODS also provides an opportunity for real estate agents and brokers to distribute promo codes to their clients - a highly lucrative move that encourages referrals and savings across the board.

By David Gillis

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