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4,900 Sq Ft Gym and Fitness Center
$199,000 | Northern California, California
$110,000 | San Jose, California
Bubble Tea & Dessert Cafe, $100k SDE
$165,000 | Northern California, California


This Startup Wants To Make Sure You Don’t Spend Your Whole Paycheck On A Ski Jacket
We all know—and reams of research can back that up —that being in nature, surrounded by mountains, oceans, and rivers, is good for your mental health. Shopping for the right gear for those expeditions, on the other hand, is most definitely not. Head into an REI, Patagonia, or North Face in search of a packable jacket or down vest, and the sticker shock will drive up your blood pressure and anxiety levels. A proper parka will cost upwards of $300–and can go all the way to $ 700 or $ 900 . But if you want to take up hiking or mountain biking or trail running, you’re going to need proper protection against the elements. “One deterrent against taking up outdoor activity is definitely the price,” says Jamie Clarke, a well-known Canadian adventurer, who has scaled Everest twice, and just started a direct-to-consumer outerwear startup called Live Out There . Clarke wants to make high-quality gear more accessible to a broader range of consumers, so he’s adopting the direct-to-consumer model embraced by brands like Everlane and Warby Parker. Before launching the company, he spent years researching the outdoor apparel supply chain to find the best manufacturers around the world. He found that, contrary to belief, many of them are actually in China, where factory workers are used to making products with cutting-edge technical fabrics. But by selling the final product to buyers through his website, rather than a third-party retailer, he is cutting out the middleman. This allows him to charge at least 30% less than his competitors for a product of similar quality. Clarke himself is very familiar with this cost breakdown because he’s spent decades as the owner of a Calgary-based retail store called The Out There Adventure Center, which was much in the same vein as REI. He had to close this shop in June of this year–much to the chagrin of the outdoorsy community in Calgary–because he was facing steep competition from online retailers who could afford to sell products with a smaller markup
Nintendo’s next big smartphone game embraces the freemium business
Nintendo is bringing another one of its hit games to iOS and Android on November 22 with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp . But after last year’s Super Mario Run failed to meet sales expectations , the company is trading premium pricing for the free-to-play model that currently dominates mobile game spending . Like other Animal Crossing games, Pocket Camp has players create their own living spaces and befriend other animal characters in a cartoonish setting–this time in a campground. The biggest new feature–and the main driver of microtransactions–is a crafting system for items and furnishings. As IGN notes in an early review, players can buy “Leaf Tickets” to cut down the amount of real-world time it takes to create new items, and some characters from the console games require those tickets as well
A French Uber Rival Eyes Becoming a Broker For Car Insurance
Blablacar has an internal team exploring potential insurance unit, with peer reviews and data on 50M users feeding the brokerage business
Uber agrees to buy tens of thousands of Volvo cars for its autonomous fleet
Uber is building out its autonomous fleet with help from Volvo. The car company signed a framework deal to sell up to 24,000 SUVs that can be overlaid with autonomous driving technology to Uber between 2019 and 2021,  Reuters reports . Uber will be buying Volvo’s XC90 and XC60 SUVs; cars with starting prices in the $40,000-$50,000 range. The move represents Uber’s first real push toward developing an autonomous fleet, which will make it more of a service provider than just a platform for connecting riders and drivers. Uber and Volvo first announced their partnership in 2016,  wherein both would contribute to a $300 million fund to research autonomous technology.

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